What’s the Answer? The Church or the Christ?

I cannot tell you how many times I have talked with people about their loved ones’ standing with God. This is a good thing. I have loved ones and pray for their standing with God. The thing that has disturbed me about how some have requested me to pray is that they ask me to pray that they get back in church. Honestly, I believe there is a much better prayer to pray. The root of this issue is this – Is the answer the church or the Christ?

The answer is Christ. I pray that people will fall in love with Jesus not an institution. You may think, “But you’re a pastor! You shouldn’t be praying such things or publicly blogging such things.” My response is that no one should exalt a building over the One who died so that those who trust in Him can meet together to glorify Him and grow together in Him. The true church is not an organization but people all over the world who have trusted in Christ to wash away their sins. Believers in nearby locations meet together for worship and growth. The way they do that doesn’t have to fit cultural expectations. The church gathered has taken on many expressions, and many of them are different but still accomplishing the Great Commission. I will not criticize a church because it doesn’t look like mine. God uses us all to accomplish His Kingdom Work.

With all that said, the answer is the Christ. The church may help lead people to the answer and grow deeper in Him, but people will face a Christless eternity if they put the cart before the horse. You can say a thousand prayers, sing a thousand churchy songs, get wet in a baptistery, join a church, and serve on 15 committees and die apart without a relationship with Christ. He is the answer. So here is what I say…Take me to the King!

17 thoughts on “What’s the Answer? The Church or the Christ?

  1. I agree, church is the Body of believers not a building. I do pray for loved ones to be back in church because God’s word tells us not to forsake meeting together regularly and through fellowship and pouring into one another we experience the love of Christ. Great post, Matthew!

  2. Good post, well said.

    I’m laughing here, but we often drag our non believing friends to church hoping they get a contact high. Remember to inhale deeply, folks! Faith by osmosis or something. You never know, it just might be highly contagious. 🙂

  3. I agree completely! No matter how much one may serve in a church building, that does not mean they have a relationship with Christ. The church is the body of believers and not just one location or another, and our goal is to witness to as many people about Christ as possible, and if we don’t have a true walk with Him, then we are lost. No matter how many songs we sing, it amounts to nothing if we do not have Christ dwelling in our hearts.

    God bless you! 🙂

  4. Amen! I tend to get myself into hot water with fellow church goers, but I can’t help agreeing with your position. It’s a way of looking at things is the best way I’ve come up with to explain it. If a church is where God wants you, falling in love with Christ will surely lead you there. Christ is the root.

  5. I think my first reply didn’t save. I may get into hot water with fellow church goers on this subject, but I can’t help agreeing with you. Our first love is Christ, and then where he leads we follow. God bless! Great post! Let’s hope when I hit Reply this time that it takes.

  6. Yes! Thank you! We need to pray that God will draw them closer to Him. When that happens, I believe He will place a desire to fellowship with other believers and find a church. The key is the relationship with Him not the church since many people in church today lack the personal relationship that God desires from them.

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