I have ministered in countless churches, and the temperature is different in every body of believers and in every service. You may think I’m talking about AC and heat. Although that is true also, I’m talking about the spiritual temperature. I’ve preached in a lot of cold and lukewarm situations, but I have also had some opportunities to minister where the spiritual temperature is hot.

As a pastor, I have to help set the atmosphere. Ultimately it is a work of God’s Spirit. Yesterday, I knew by the atmosphere before we started that it was going to be a tough day. I’m not saying that because we have bad people. We have great people, several of which were tired. I opened the service (as one of the tired people) and we sang a song. I asked the people to be seated. One of our guitarists began his Christian life in a bluegrass church, so I put him on the spot. I asked him to play and sing something a little upbeat from his bluegrass days. It changed the atmosphere. We are primarily a contemporary church in that we sing the modern worship songs, but we have not abandoned other styles of worship. The temperature had to be changed.

As a believer in Christ, you can help change the temperature where you are. You can chill it with negativity and lack of vision, or you can set it on fire with faith and vision.

My prayer is that God uses our group at Overcomers to be temperature changers. Oconee County needs us (as well as the other gatherings of believers in the area) to shine in the darkness. Wherever you are, determine that you will help to positively set the spiritual temperature there. You may be the instrument God uses to bring revival where you are.

12 thoughts on “Temperature

  1. Amen!!! May we be a church fire.

    “This is a church on fire. This is a Holy Spirit place. We have a burning desire to lift up Jesus name. Let the fire burn in every heart. To light the way, defeat the dark. Let the flame of God burn higher. This is a church, this is a church on fire.”

    One of the songs my home church in Little Rock would sing.

  2. The atmosphere in a service is so important. I sure can associate with what you are saying. We, as leaders, have to do all we can to usher in an atmosphere of praise and worship. It is God and His Holy Spirit who fill the atmosphere, but we must do what we can to usher that it. Not always an easy task.

    Funny, I have bee contemplating a similar blog, so thanks for a few ideas!

    Be blessed

  3. I can so relate to the temperature of Churches! I have recently found a smaller Church and the atmosphere when we worship and sing together is off the charts! I look forward to each Sunday and the inspiring messages given by Pastor Adam. Thanks for your post!

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