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In 1996, I began my journey as a worship leader, minister of music, or whatever title you want to give it. I had no plans to stay in it as long as I did, but I learned quickly that it was a war zone. Some people just hate music, but most people choose their style of worship music based on one of these things:

  1. Nostalgia – They like music that brings back good memories. Whether those memories are from the front porch while granny had dip in her mouth while shooting squirrels and singing her favorite songs while she spit in a Pepsi bottle, people will often exalt certain church music because of the memories. They like what they know and won’t try anything new.
  2. Style – As long as they like the beat, it doesn’t matter what it says to this crowd. Their favorite style might be southern gospel, alternative, rap, or black gospel. The lyrics can totally contradict the Bible as long as it makes them feel good.
  3. Message – Some can worship with any style, with or without nostalgia attached, because the lyrics of the music lift up Jesus and do not contradict biblical teaching. This is a great balanced place to be.

Worship wars would cease if worship became more about Jesus and less about the worshiper. It’s okay if your church doesn’t sing your favorite songs. You don’t have to leave or start a gossip group to overthrow the worship leader. It will be okay. Focus on Jesus, and everything else will align properly.


12 thoughts on “Worship Music

  1. I agree with this. In my post The Hows, Whys, When’s about Worshiping God I talk about how our Pastor Craig Groeschel mentions that worship music is not for us, but for Jesus. So many people are like you say like certain music in certain ways or they do not feel right worshiping the Lord. Worship is so much more than just the music, it is how we connect to the Lord, spirit to spirit beyond the music.

  2. This is really good! I’m a nostalgic at heart. I have to keep myself in check when I’m dealing with worship. I find I fall into the nostalgic slippery slope quite easily. Thanks for this word!

  3. I love hymns because they give me nostanostalgia and portray touching messages eloquently. I love contemporary worship because they’re raw, straight forward, and stirring. πŸ™‚

    1. What I am trying to focus on when it comes to worship music is not the style, but the words. Trying to remember that the music is not for me, but for the Lord. If the words and the spirit is there no matter the style, I go with the spirit. Knowing God is loving the connection with His children.

  4. You’ve hit on one of the subjects of conflict that so often arises in churches. I’ve heard people say they left one church or another because drums or guitars were part of the worship music. You make a very good point that the music must be in harmony with Scripture, and used to glorify the Lord, not ourselves (even if it’s not sung quite in tune).

  5. This is an interesting post, Matthew about what it means to worship and how we as people can sometimes exalt the worshipper over the message and music of the worship song. For me, I enjoy all 3 that go into Christian music because sometimes, I need a nostalgic song that reminds me of what God has brought me through and sometimes, I need a song that has an encourging message.

  6. I agree completely! I see arguments on social media all the time regarding wars in worship music. I loved when you said “Worship wars would cease if worship became more about Jesus and less about the worshiper.” That speaks volumes, and I wish people would focus more on Christ rather than the ones who are singing. When we focus on His glory, He will speak to our hearts no matter what song a person is singing.

    The war in worship music needs to end, because it’s only dividing the church instead of bringing us together, and we are all supposed to lift each other up instead of arguing with each other!

    This was a wonderful post, and I hope many more realize the truth in the message! God bless you, and have a wonderful weekend! πŸ™‚

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