Who Defines Sin?

The question of who defines sin is one that receives many answers. Some would say that society defines sin. Others would say people define sin, a third group would say that God defines it, yet a fourth group may consider it to be an archaic concept and people should just get with the times.

Society does have laws in place. These laws are to protect certain individuals and attempt to prevent chaos. As long as these laws do not contradict what God says in Scripture, we would do well to follow the law of the land.

Those who take the definition of sin into their own hands is operating outside of his or her “paygrade”. Who am I to in and of myself define what is sinful or wrong for me or someone else? I have had someone say to me that something is not sin if they are not convicted about it. If the Bible is clear, I have no right to add my opinion to it. I’m one of those people who takes Scripture at face value. I believe that it is completely and totally inspired by God and without error. With God being the Author and people writing down what God gives them, God defines many things clearly as sin. In questionable areas, we must rely on prayer and the leadership of the Holy Spirit who abides in every born again believer. If someone truly wants to know right from wrong, God will reveal it. Romans 14 states that if we cannot do something in good faith, it is sin. When the child of God sins, he or she will experience God’s discipline according to Hebrews 12. God disciplines His children because He loves them and wants them to experience the fullness of His joy.

Some may try to dismiss the concept of sin and make this world one big free-for-all, but God is the ultimate authority who is righteousness and holiness. Anything that contradicts the person of God is sin.

8 thoughts on “Who Defines Sin?

  1. True. Unfortunately we live in a world that pretty much teaches that the most important person in the world is you.

    Have you seen the way of the master youtube videos matt?

    Thanks for sharing.

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