Preaching Your Own Funeral

I just finished watching a recording of the funeral for Billy Graham. As I watched, I noticed that not one of those who spoke had difficulty coming up with words to say about this beloved evangelist. His life made it easy for those who spoke. They didn’t have to preach him into Heaven. They didn’t have to make up good deeds he had done or embellish on his life. Those who spoke stated facts, and Billy Graham received more honor than he would have ever wanted because his desire was to lift Jesus high.

I have preached several funerals as a pastor and hospice chaplain. Some were extremely easy because there was no doubt that the individual placed his or her trust in Christ for salvation. I had a few occasions that were a little more challenging.

If you were to die today, how easy have you made it for someone to preach your funeral? Have you placed your faith in Christ and lived a life that has pleased Him? I’m not asking if you have made the same impact as Billy Graham. God called him to do the work he did in his time. Have you done the work God has called you to do while you have been given life, or are you too busy living to please yourself?

My challenge to all of us is that we live and die in such a way that friends and family do not have to struggle to say good things. I pray that my wife, kids, church members, and those who have known me will be able to say I loved people but most importantly that I loved Jesus with all my heart. May my life and death magnify Jesus and may my will be lost in His.

4 thoughts on “Preaching Your Own Funeral

  1. A really good and thought provoking post Matt!

    “They didn’t have to preach him into heaven” – wow

    A great challenge you have left us dude, I have recently realised I don’t think much about life after death and I really should, same about what would be said at my funeral.

    Thanks for sharing dude

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