Can’t Stop Jesus!

Since the news of Billy Graham’s passing, the name of Jesus Christ has been used more times on mainstream television than I have heard in my lifetime. The day of his death, Kathy Lee Gifford hits a home run with her testimony. Even chain restaurants acknowledged Billy Graham’s legacy on their signs.

There have been many attempts throughout the ages to suppress the name and cause of Christ, but once again Jesus Christ has prevailed. I figured that it would halt after his funeral on Friday. Even tonight, the documentaries continue.

We must remember that Jesus Christ has already won. One day every knee will now and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father according to Philippians 2. Some will do so because they did so in this life while others will be doing so after a life here of denying Christ.

Liberals can think they are gaining ground, but I know the end of the story. Jesus reigns, and no one can stop Him!

14 thoughts on “Can’t Stop Jesus!

  1. Amen dude!

    Cant talk about Billy Graham without talking about Jesus and cause he was so loved there is no avoiding it.

    I cant remember who but there was an atheist dude years ago who was quoted as saying that Christianity wouldn’t survive, that it was just a fad. Anyone who says this kind of stuff has no idea really. Yo yo’s come and go but Christ will always be.

    Thanks for sharing Matt

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