Humanizing Jesus Too Much

I am one of those who believes that Jesus is God the Son, meaning God took on a human body, lived here on this Earth, lived a sinless life, died on a cross, and rose again. I believe what the Bible says. The Bible speaks of a compassionate Savior who ministered to those who many would cast away. But how human was Jesus?

I know those who would say that Jesus would hang out with those in sin and do the same things they did. They reduce this Savior who can identify with mankind to a guy who gets into a bar brawl with his beer buddies. Hebrews 4 is clear that He can identify with our temptations yet He was without sin. Reducing Jesus to someone who goes to jail with you for meth possession is a bit over the top. Who wants a Savior like that? If you do, I regret to say that you do not truly want to be forgiven.

14 thoughts on “Humanizing Jesus Too Much

  1. Very important stuff to think about in this brief post. Loving someone through their sin is definitely not the same as participating in or condoning it. Since Jesus could see us and love us more perfectly than we can understand, he was in a position to judge where we are not. But not judging a person is distinct from not judging their conduct. You’ve certainly given me something to contemplate the rest of the day. Peace!

  2. Amen! Christ was not tainted in sin. We tainted Him. Even though Christ was lowered a little lower than the angels that was so God could lift Him up and He would become the High Priest. We have no such authority to lower Him.

  3. Good thought provoking post Matt. Important stuff.

    I know a person who hates the idea that Jesus experienced Gods wrath on the cross, so much that she replaced that word with the word love in a well known song. Anyway the point I’m trying to make is people are either creating their own Jesus or reading some other good book. Nothing new though a.. gotta keep shining the light on that stuff.

    Thanks for sharing

  4. People prefer to lower Jesus so that their sin doesn’t look so bad! God wants us to be more Christ-like NOT to make Christ more like us!

  5. It’s sad that what Jesus did for us and who he was is often more taboo in today’s society than the sins you mentioned. It is easier for people to picture and sympathize with a jail-bird than it is to picture a pure and perfect human that lived for God and for love. It just shows how broken we really are.

  6. I agree completely! Society is wanting to “humanize” Jesus so they will not have to face conviction for their sins. I know a lot of people who try to “play off sin” by saying “Jesus was friends with sinners.” Jesus came to heal the sick, and He never intended for us to linger in sin. I hate how people demote the role of Jesus. He was our Savior who was perfect and without flaw, but with His blood, we were set free from sin.

    However, with the world we live in, they would rather view Jesus in a “humanized” way than in a Holy way, which is very sad and angering at the same time.

    God bless you! 🙂

  7. Amen! To be the acceptable sacrifice for our sins, Jesus had to be a perfect human being, which only He could be. But in His humanity we ought never lose sight of His holiness, for when we do, we reduce Him to something more manageable to us. I cringe when I hear folks refer to the Lord as ‘their buddy,’ as if He was someone to occasionally call to go out for some fun. Ultimately, the risk of this thinking is to cheapen grace, which then gives us more leeway to rationalize our behaviors.
    Thank you for sharing your important thoughts on the perfection of our Savior!

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