Unity Is Rising!

When I started Overcomers Church last January, I had a vision to see God build a multi-ethnic church. I have not given up on that vision. I do know that I am not the only pastor in this county who longs to see it, and 3 pastors in this area blazed the trail toward the Unity Weekend that was held the last weekend of February. Friday night was held at an African-American church with a white preacher preaching and Sunday night was the reverse. Heaven came down! On Good Friday, these 3 churches (now along with several others) will worship together. I am beyond excited. These churches are setting the precedent that will pour over into even more churches, and the racial walls will fall down!

As much as I would have loved to be the pastor who paved the way, I am thrilled to see that God used these local pastors as an answer to my prayer. This is just the beginning, but I am determined we will see racial unity in rural northwest South Carolina. God is able! If you are living in a segregated area, boldly pray for God to do the same where you are.

Photo from nage.org

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