Could It Be More Obvious?

As a pastor and chaplain, I get asked advice on all kinds of issues. Some people really want to know and apply it to their lives while others know what they should do but are afraid to do it. They fear hurting someone’s feelings, being alone, not having enough money, or some other negative result that can be a short-term result of making the right decision.

Some things are so stinking obvious! It is clear that you don’t need to take a certain job, make a certain move, marry a certain person, etc. There are some things that God clearly says in Scripture to refrain from because this is what will happen. Yet we can sometimes think we are smarter than God or have more wisdom than people who have much more life experience.

If you’re looking for a sign, here it is! Use the sense the Lord gave you, put on your big boy/girl pants, and accept the consequences of your decision. Stop trading in God’s best for convenience! God never promised us an easy life, but He did promise that He will always be with us. If it will harm you or someone else, don’t do it or get out (whichever one applies)! Figuring out God’s plan for your life isn’t as hard as it seems. God may be using Uncle Joe to give you the answer😂.

3 thoughts on “Could It Be More Obvious?

  1. Sometimes people seek wise counsel from others not with the true heart intention of receiving ‘actual’ advice from their peers, but sometimes, some come with the impure intentions of getting someone to side with them into validating their reasons for pursuing a wrong course of action or decision that will have dire consequences to their destiny so that they can later have someone they can point the finger for making their own mistakes; especially, when things start to fall apart in their own lives.

    Sometimes people aren’t truly contrite or repentant about their actions and simply want someone to say “it’s okay to stray as long as you come back” but the truth is… the Holy Spirit convicts us all to a large extent and the onus is always on ourselves who decide to pursue a course of action that strays from the right path God intended (Sin). If some people were truly contrite, then they would operate in that way rather than seeking justifications to continue sinning in an area of weakness until they come to a point of having a seared conscience. May we always be contrite in spirit.

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