Yesterday was a bit frazzling as our work team was “under the gun”. We had deadlines to meet that were a little more demanding than normal, and our schedules really pressed us for time to meet those deadlines. As always, we pull it together and get it done.

Life is full of deadlines. If you are a student, you know this all too well. All of us has a final deadline called death. Scripture says that “It is appointed unto men once to die, after this the judgment.” Sounds encouraging, huh? We don’t like to think about this, but there can be comfort in this thought. You may be asking, “How?”

We are all faced with a choice as to what we will do with Jesus. We have all the means in the world to hear about how Jesus died for our sins, conquered the grave, and is coming back. We hear what we need to do to be forgiven. He invites us to trust Him, to call upon Him, to turn our back on sin and live for Him. He gives us so much time, and death is the deadline when we no longer have a choice. Therefore, we must deal with the consequence of rejecting Jesus Christ as Lord.

Don’t play around! I don’t write this because I’m one of those hell, Fire, and damnation preachers that gets my kicks out of scaring people. I write this because I love people and want them to experience the joy of knowing you are forgiven and living without condemnation. Jesus paid the price for you. Are you willing to give Him your life?

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