The Joy of a New Believer

Parenting can have many accompanying joys despite the difficult days. We love the first sounds, first words, when they begin to walk, their hugs, and the list goes on. I believe that the greatest of them all is when one of your children gives his or her heart to Christ. That happened last night.

As many of you know, we have a blended family of 6 kids and 1 in the oven (due May 12, but my wife says May 5 – her last forecast was really off…I love you baby😘). One of our girls gave her life to Christ last night at a girls event at a nearby church. We have asked God for this for quite some time, and God answered. Glory be to God!

The thing I love afterward is the joy of the new believer. It is contagious. God has used that kind of joy to bring about revival. For our church, she is the first one who attends who is a new believer. As I dwell on that, I’m praying for more. I can’t trust that everyone who attends is truly born again. Also, I don’t want to only reach those who attend our worship gatherings. I want to see so many more turn from their sin, turn to Christ, and follow the example of Christ in baptism. I’m ready to dunk some people!

Maybe you are reading this and you have lost your joy. Ask God to restore the joy of His salvation. Ask Him to heal the brokenness in your life or whatever has stolen this joy. Be like that new believer who could conquer hell with a squirt gun. God will use your joy to change the atmosphere of your home, workplace, school, or wherever you go. It’s time for us to go out and shine our light!

7 thoughts on “The Joy of a New Believer

  1. That’s so wonderful!!!!

    I think people forget we shouldn’t look forward to a revival service (so to speak) we should live and look at Christ so that we are always in that state of revival and joy.

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