Thoughts and Prayers

Brief yet convicting post about an area in which we need to be challenged.

Done with Religion

I have noticed a very common saying recently in regard to the violence and killings that have made the headlines. It is heard on TV, online and in the newspapers. The saying is ‘our thoughts and prayers are with you’.

It actually sounds really nice and many times it is the only thing people can come up with when they do not know what else to say.

Unfortunately, it only sounds good and does nothing to help make a difference or to cause change.

So often people say this because they do not know what else to do. I certainly believe in prayer to ask God for peace and comfort for the people involved. I also believe in prayer seeking guidance from God for things to do that will help make a change.

Yet many people use this saying because they do not think they are able to do anything to make a change, and…

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5 thoughts on “Thoughts and Prayers

  1. By serving with Online Church I found rather than saying I will pray. I say the prayer right then and there. I stay and listen, and pray the Lord gives me words or things to do to help them.

  2. So often people just type this without actually praying… that’s where we are failing. However, they also write it and hope that’s the end, when in reality they should be asking what else they can do to serve whoever or whatever is happening. Being the hands and feet rather than just saying we are!

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