What Tense Is Jesus?

Many of you are having grammar flashbacks when you learned at least about past, present, and future tenses. This thought was provoked by a church sign I pass on the way home. The sign reads “He has risen”. I prefer the translation “He IS risen”. You may be thinking that Matthew is on another hobbyhorse. Call it what you will, but Jesus still is! He is not past tense. He is still alive, still interceding to the Father for us, and is coming back. I don’t serve a used-to-be Savior. He still delivers! He still saves! And although you refer to the day of your salvation in the past, He is keeping you in His grip. The change He started in you is the change He will complete and perfect in glory.

If you want to serve a past tense Jesus, go ahead. But as for me and my house, we will serve I AM!

Chart from aliciateacher2.wordpress.com

6 thoughts on “What Tense Is Jesus?

  1. I was about to quit my time of reading when I saw the title of this in my WordPress reader, and I just had to read this! Amazing how many are content with the god named “I Was”–I was 1950, 1960, 1970. I was the KJV and the list goes on ad nauseum …the god of the past is not the true God. Like you, I serve the God who IS, not was…

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