Walking Billboards

Each of us is a walking advertisement. This thought was provoked by a line from The Drew Carey Show from the 1990s. Drew said to Mimi who wore a ton of makeup, “You look like a walking billboard for a makeup company.” That may not be the exact quote, but she fit the bill.

We all, through our actions and attitudes, advertise all kinds of things. Here is a list of things that come to mind that we advertise:

  • Joy
  • Anger
  • Generosity
  • Hatred
  • Christlikeness
  • Depression

This list is not exhaustive. It does lead me to ask you this question, “What does your life advertise?” The categories are twofold: reputation and character. We all possess a certain reputation. Your reputation is what others think of you. Reputations can often be misinterpreted. Your character is who you are when no one is looking. People will develop their opinions about you, but the real you is the person only God knows. Our goal should be to possess Christlike character that pours over into our reputation. Even if you are extremely like Jesus, there will still be some who will not like you. Remember that God did not place you here to be liked, but don’t make it a goal to be hated.

I want to challenge you as you ponder your life today, consider what your life advertises. If the advertisement of your life needs work, you can submit yourself to the Holy Spirit and watch Him turn your darkness into light.

Photo from dhgate.com

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