Good News

Why is it that we turn on the news and hear nothing but bad things? We hear the latest scandals in politics, murders, and a list of other things. I heard John Gray preach once and he said something along the lines of how it would be nice if we heard that it was going to be rainy, but the sun is coming out later.

This morning, I heard His Radio highlight several positive things in their news. One was about a grandmother who saved a snowball her 5-year old granddaughter brought her as a gift. The grandmother froze it. Eleven years later, it is still in the grandmother’s freezer and the granddaughter is now 16. Then others called in and shared about homemade gifts from children. I reminisced about how my oldest son would always spend his Awana money on me at the Awana store and buy me a lighthouse, tootsie rolls, or dress socks. He’s 14 now, but I will always cherish how he thought of me when he could have spent on himself.

Now back on the subject of good news. The word gospel means “good news”. This message of good news is that Jesus Christ died and rose again according to the Scriptures. Those who place their trust in Him will not perish but have everlasting life. We can have complete forgiveness through the death and resurrection of Christ. How awesome is that?

Now it’s time to share some good news!

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6 thoughts on “Good News

  1. Matt,
    Oh yes! The Gospel is good news. For any word from God’s mouth in Christ can be taken as Gospel for only here can we not be skeptics. Anything from man too often comes with an agenda and to validate it any means to that end will suffice. Hence: Fake News. Only news that can be considered good news is that which I can trust in, as I do in every word of Christ. When it comes to the world’s media, I place my trust in only the sports scores(minus any skullduggery), stock prices and the obituary. The rest is always up for debate…even the weather.

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