Crucial Questions for the Christian!

These are great questions we should ask ourselves.

Revival & Reformation

IMG_1634.png(Bogatzky’s “Golden Treasury for the Children of God” 1718)

Crucial questions for the Christian!

Am I vitally united to Jesus Christ?

Am I crucified with Christ?

Am I consecrated to Christ?

Am I daily receiving grace from Christ?

Am I growing in conformity to Christ?

Am I a friend to all the friends of Christ?

Am I living for the glory of Christ?

Am I an honor to the name of Christ?

Am I walking in the steps of Christ?

Am I a blessing to the Church of Christ?

Am I daily, hourly, always, and in all things–aiming to please Christ?

Am I desiring to be with Christ?

Am I looking for the advent of Christ?

Am I ready for the coming of Christ?

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