Don’t Wait to Celebrate!

I know that many churches will talk about the risen Christ tomorrow and put Him back in the grave until next Easter. JESUS IS ALIVE TODAY! CELEBRATE TONIGHT! HE WILL BE ALIVE TOMORROW AND FOREVERMORE! Because He Lives, believers have resurrection power on the inside. Walk in victory and Resurrection power every day. No worship service should be dead tomorrow (or any Sunday for that matter). Take your best Praise with you and shout louder than you would for Dabo and the Clemson Tigers (or insert your favorite coach and team). Jesus is King, and He is worthy! Hallelujah!

8 thoughts on “Don’t Wait to Celebrate!

  1. I was so blessed! Good Friday, we had a praise/worship/reflection evening at our church, the Spirit was heavy and several in the small group were healed! Sunday early service, we had a bit bigger group than Friday; there was a sweet presence as we worshiped and praised and contemplated what we have in Chris as we took communion together. Regular service at 10 we had a truly anointed worship time, communion and heavy anointing; Pastor talked about how much God showed His love in Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection. Yes, many were whooping it up like they would for a sports event and many set truly free! Last year I was visiting family and was at a small Baptist church for Easter Sunday. It was apparent they were determined not to make that day different from any other. I missed the joyful hymns and stopping to contemplate what happened on resurrection morning. As Passover is a day our Brothers & Sisters set aside to remember God’s goodness in rescuing them, I think it’s OK for us to pause and do the same on Resurrection Sunday; in a way fitting for each of us to remember and honor the Triune God who made our great salvation possible.

  2. Our Resurrection Sunday was so joyous! I am so thankful I go to a Church that truly worships GOD in songs and thanksgiving. CHRIST CHURCH of Arizona is truly rooted in the Word of GOD and there is no soft Gospel being preached. We had an amazing reverent GOOD FRIDAY service. Then the JOY came on Sunday and will continue throughout the year. The real truth is in the GOSPEL.
    Thank you for your post here.

  3. Halleluleha! This is the o my celebration that Christ wants us to do. Christ’s ressurection is the foundation of our faith and we can’t afford to put Him back in the grave.

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