Coming to a Complete Stop

As I was driving to see patients, I had to drive through Clemson, SC. The town of Clemson brings back memories from July 2015 when I was pulled over for a ”rolling stop”. I now drive through there with great caution.

How many of us go through life doing ”rolling stops”? It is not technically a stop. It is more like a yield. You and I often rush through life and yield rather than stopping. There are several reasons why we must come to a complete stop at various junctions of life.

  1. We need to fully assess our surroundings. God may be sending something our way, and we totally miss because we are moving too quickly. Or maybe we are going ahead of God and entering it territory that God did not design for us. Abraham and Sarah did not come to a complete stop nor yield when they devised their plan to create a child that was not the one God promised. They ignored God and created a mess. We must stop and wait on God to fulfill His promise.
  2. We may hinder someone else from fulfilling his or her purpose. Your rolling stop may create a collision that will hinder another person from fulfilling God’s plan. We must understand that our actions affect others.
  3. We need to assess our own situation. As we coast through life without stopping, we eventually run out of gas. We must take time to refuel. Otherwise, we expend our own energy and find ourselves useless in fulfilling our purpose. You and I can only run on empty for so long.

Are you reconsidering rolling stops in your life? I do. Notice that I used the present tense. I still do because I remember how much I paid for the ticket. You may want to reconsider rolling stops, especially if you are driving through Clemson. Just saying!

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13 thoughts on “Coming to a Complete Stop

  1. Thank you for your post. I almost did a “rolling stop” in it as I cause across while going to a friend’s particular page because of a nomination. The Lord convicted me with allowing your post to come up first… and for a reason. Every word was Him speaking to me. Sorry it took your hard life lesson. Thank for the moment with my Savior lovingly discipline me while lovingly encouraging me.
    Praying for you, Matthew! God loves you!

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