Removing Crosses

I saw a recent piece of news that stated that crosses may be removed from certain prominent public places because the voices of a few are voicing their opposition to a cross. Many throughout history have been crucified on a cross. The two on either side of Jesus were also put to death on a cross. One of those denied Jesus. Is it the cross that is so offensive, or is it the Christ who is so offensive?

The Apostle Paul stated in Scripture that the cross would be a point of offense. It is not that a cross in and of itself would be offensive. The offensive part of the cross would be the Son of God Who gave His life upon it and the life of sacrifice that He would require.

What happened to tolerance? The saddest part of this is that many who promote the cross have more than likely displayed nothing but hatred to those who disagree with Christianity. Could it be that those who proclaim the name of Jesus have spent more time promoting what the cross is against than the limitless love of God that was displayed upon the cross?

Jesus said that all would know we are His disciples by our love (John 13:34). He didn’t say they would know us by what we are against or the doctrines we have defended. With that said, I cry out to every one who proclaims to know Jesus as Savior and Lord to show those who disagree with you some unconditional love. It may be that your reflection of love that would lead someone to want to know the same Jesus you know and experience the joy of being forgiven.

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6 thoughts on “Removing Crosses

  1. I hurt so much because of how Christians treat those who do not believe. My parents see my relationship with my Lord as just another religion. Many Christians in their life have hurt them, disappointed them. Why would they want anything to do with us? I fear I will not see my mother in heaven.

    1. I am in the same boat—my birth family don’t believe either, in fact they barely tolerate that I believe and have told me so, not so nicely, on more than one occasion. They’re agnostic or atheistic (depends on which family member). I couldn’t convince my mother to call on Jesus even when she was on her deathbed from pancreatic cancer (after all, what could it hurt?), nor could I convince my sister before she died of cancer. I even got backlash from the rest of the family for even bringing it up to them 😥. The only ‘Christian’ I can think of that may have (probably) hurt them or degraded them in a self-righteous way would have been my mother’s sister, long before I knew anything about Christianity, because she was just ‘above everyone else’ even before she became a ‘Christian.’ I put the word Christian in quotes like that is because she soon gave up being a ‘Christian’ and decided she’d become a Buddhist instead, so obviously there was no true saving relationship with Jesus there for her.

  2. Amen, our pastor was just talking about this last night. We need both grace and truth when we spread the word. Without truth we would not know we are sinful, without grace we would not be aware of the great gift of salvation. Truth by itself condemns, grace by itself is meaningless unless we know what we have done and what we rightfully deserve, which the wages of sin is death.

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