So Will I

One of my favorite new worship songs is “So Will I” by Hillsong United. I have listened to it many times. Each time I carry away a different thought. God brought this particular thought to my mind on Resurrection Sunday that was provoked by these lyrics: “If You left the grave behind You, so will I”.

Some are you who are reading this need to leave the grave behind you. You may be thinking, “Matthew, what on Earth could you mean?” Ephesians 2:1 says that those who are born again used to be dead in their trespasses and sins but are now alive. In other words, you should have left the grave behind you.

Let me put it into different words. My longtime friend, Dustin Hutto, preached on Resurrection Sunday and made a statement something like this: When you get ready to do something, ask Jesus if He died on the cross so you could have the freedom to do that. In other words, is this particular act meant to be left behind in the grave where your sin is?

Some of you are bound by your past. God wants you to be set free in Jesus’ name. If Jesus left the grave behind Him, so should you! You are new! It’s time to live like it!

6 thoughts on “So Will I

  1. This song has been rolling around my mind for the past few weeks as well. “If the wind goes where you send it…so will I”…for this home-body, this line gets me every time…I fall so short…thanks for sharing – helps to know we are not alone in our walk…

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