Have Working People Become a Minority?

DISCLAIMER: This is not addressed to those who are unable due to medical conditions or legitimate circumstances that prevent you from working.

I have noticed twice in the last month that restaurants are unable to function at normal capacity due to being understaffed. This is ridiculous! Pardon me for being so straightforward, but there are so many people looking for work right now. Why are they not being hired, or why are there so many vacant positions? Here are some of my thoughts. Take them for what they are worth.

  1. Some people will not hire those they consider overqualified. When I was looking for employment, many did not understand why a guy with a Masters degree was coming to them for a job. Guess what? I needed money. I wanted to make an honest living. Churches within my previous denomination wouldn’t touch me with a 10-foot pole due to my separation and upcoming divorce, so I just wanted work (even if it meant making 1/5 of what I was making).
  2. Some managers have low hiring standards, leading to frequent turnover and wasted money during the hiring process. A pulse does not indicate a good worker.
  3. Some people are not a good fit for a position. They and/or the company discover that the person who was hired has other gifts, but the skill set required for this position may not be present so they end up out of a job. If you have a bad memory, don’t be a waiter. Or it would be like me being a bartender when I am clueless about alcoholic drinks. Apply for something you can be trained to do and do well.
  4. Many people want a paycheck but do not want to work for it. They want a title without responsibility. They want a desk without duties. Need I continue? You get the point – some people are LAZY!

One of the men in our church who is called to ministry preached last week about entitlement. The entitlement mentality infects the workplace. People expect certain rights because of gender, race, age, etc. When you and I understand that we are not entitled or deserving but receive good things from God because of grace, that changes the perspective.

The bottom line is that I have no right to parade my big white behind around my workplace and think anything other than “I’m here to work. How can I serve this company, be a blessing, and fulfill my job to the best of my ability?” If you have a job, go in tomorrow with that mentality. If not, look for a job with that mentality in mind. It just might change things.

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16 thoughts on “Have Working People Become a Minority?

  1. As a supervisor in a warehouse, I can say this is true. It is hard to find people who just want to come in and work. The sad thing is that I have tried to hire some young Christian college guys and even they donโ€™t understand what it is to work. Thanks for the insightful and very truthful post!

    1. Sadly, many parents do not make their children do anything while they are growing up. Then they wonder why the world doesnโ€™t do what their parents did for them. I was blessed to have to work for spending money and bill money when I was in high school. Our youth today should view it as a blessing (at least in hindsight when they are older if nothing else).

  2. Sometimes it’s not enough to be “Christian” in name only if ones character and actions don’t match their belief system. I find that there are Christian’s out there who have a strong work ethic and are sometimes ostracized because of their honest dedication to their ministry. And then there are those that are simply mediocre in all that they do and yet hold high positions in ministry/ or in the workplace (for those who lack discernment) and enjoy entertaining nepotism at it’s finest.

    The struggle is real. At least you didn’t give into defeat when others wouldn’t give you a chance. God doesn’t promote “perfection” as it were, because he knows full well that we will slip at times…God is always in the business of promoting the “humble”, so humility is what will take you to the next level no matter what other people say. Do not be discouraged by those that overlooked you… Just remember that God will help you finish strong in whatever you aim to do when you pursue Him with all your heart like David did. Blessings! – Sherline ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Thank you Matt ๐Ÿ™‚ I have to often remind myself when I start grumbling! Lol Have a bless day! I enjoy reading your post from a Pastor’s view. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. “If you have a job, go in tomorrow with that mentality. If not, look for a job with that mentality in mind. It just might change things.”
    Very though provoking and true!

  4. Thanks for putting in a nutshell what we all need to hear! My husband was talking about how nice a couple was and what good, fair business dealings they were doing. This couple happened to belong to my church and I know they work for the Lord and are blessed and overwhelmed with the favor the Lord has poured out on their business. I told my husband it’s because they’re Christian business people. He said that’s not true of many “Christian” companies he’s worked with (he did government contracting when he worked). We all need to think about what kind of witness of Christ we are being as we interact with people. My husband is not yet a Believer and has many strikes against Christianity because of the actions he’s seen professing “church people” do.

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