Ignorance Is No Excuse

As I watched the second week of racial discussions from The Summit Church in Durham, NC, God dealt with my heart about some issues. One of their black staff pastors spoke, followed by a panel of African-American church staff and members of the church. The overall experience challenged me that those of us who are white need to do a few things in this area.

  • Read material about racial issues from people of another race or ethnicity. Dr. Tony Evans addresses some of these matters from a historical perspective. He is a highly respected pastor of color.
  • Read historical material that makes you uncomfortable. We cannot undo history, but it can inform us.
  • Spend time with people from other ethnic groups. Create intentional relationships and friendships.
  • Hang out in places where you may be the only white person. Whether it is a barber shop or a convenience store, the experience will give you understanding and create unity.
  • Truly listen to the voices of those from other ethnic groups. Listen to their stories of how they moved to the racist South. Don’t interject your thoughts! Empathize! The white opinion is not the right opinion, nor is the opinion of any other race wrong.

These are just a few areas in which I was challenged. It’s time to bridge the gap. Once again, go to summitrdu.com and listen/watch these discussions. There will be one more next Monday at 7 pm EST.

5 thoughts on “Ignorance Is No Excuse

  1. It has to start somewhere, but it goes both ways. I grew up in a neighborhood where my family was 1 of 5 Black families in a 5 block radius. My upbringing is one that I would never change because I feel as though diversity was instilled in me before I even knew what it was. My great grandfather was Irish, my great grandmother was Indian, and for all intents and purposes my Father’s side was black. I was privileged in that aspect. So when I talk to other people who aren’t Black I have to remember that. They may have a point of view that you can’t blame them for because they weren’t privileged to have my background. So I talk to them not addressing what they may of said but the root of their opinions. We have to go out and put ourselves in uncomfortable situations as well. I can admit we have to be careful in doing so and it’s important to access the situation first for safety reasons. We all have to engage in respectful conversations that make us feel uncomfortable, but brings resolve through our connection and love for Christ. Ive said it before Trump being in office has brought so many things to the surface that we as country have to deal with. God will use any and every situation to His benefit and addressing racial division is one of them. Great piece Matthew!

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