3 in 1: Your Pastor Is Not a Trinity

NEWS FLASH: God is a complete package, but your pastor is not. Some of you might be thinking, “He should be. We pay him good money to be.” I hate to break the news to you, but no amount of money nor any high expectation cannot make your pastor a complete package.

There are three words that Scripture used interchangeably for this office: Bishop, pastor, and elder. As bishop, he has administrative oversight. As pastor, he shepherds and ministers to people. As elder, he should be spiritually mature.

Many churches do not believe a pastor should have any administrative oversight. Someone has to lead and cast vision. If your vision is cast by multiple heads with conflicting visions, you have a mess. You may have a pastor who is not gifted in the area of administration while he is a gifted preacher and minister. Some are gifted CEOs who couldn’t preach their way out of a wet paper bag. Then others are spiritually mature yet feed the flock and lack the administrative and ministering gifts. God may call someone to that role who must surround himself with those who are strong where he is weak.

I have been blown away by the trend of many churches to call someone who has charisma but no spiritual maturity. One high profile leader has been notorious for acting like a fool on social media, yet many across the United States esteem him as a super-cool pastor. Pastors are human, but we also represent the Lord Jesus Christ and should be careful not to bring reproach to Him.

You may be reading this and are dissatisfied with your pastor’s perceived shortcomings. He is human. He is wired the way GOD wired him. No amount of education can fully change that. My advice to you is pray for him, support him, or find a church where you can do so. If something is wrong with every church you visit, you may have some corrections to make within yourself.

20 thoughts on “3 in 1: Your Pastor Is Not a Trinity

  1. Excellent post Pastor Matthew. We should bless our Pastor and his family for the care and leading in our lives. Remembering them in prayers and gifting them in acts of kindness for they care for us and devote time to study and bring the Word in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. May you and your family be blessed as you tend to your flock 🙂

  2. Amen! Not everyone is meant to teach, scripture warns against because they will be held accountable more. All the more reason we need to pray for those who have stepped up to take the position of teacher and shepherd.

  3. This is very true! We expect so much from our pastors but we want mercy for our shortcomings. The church is under a spiritual battle right now and it breaks my heart that some people would rather concentrate on only the flaws of the church. Of course we expect our spiritual leaders to be spiritually mature. However let’s also throw them the blanket of mercy and grace we crave for ourselves daily. I really love your last sentence “If something is wrong with every church you visit, you may have some corrections to make within yourself.” A big ouch and a super amen!!!

  4. Very true, I’ve seen churches fall apart often because of this. Either the Pastor was placed on a pedestal and to everyone’s shock they found out he was human, or a Pastor had come with his own agenda and not God’s and pride crept in leading to a church without Gods presence.

  5. This is a good thing for church people to recognize, but even more important for church leaders to recognize. Many pastors, especially in small churches, are either forced to wear many “hats” do to budget constraints or they refuse to acknowledge their own limitations in order to remain in control. When a pastor can preach but has no gift for counseling or ministering to the hurting, it’s critical that he have the humility to allow others to step into the roles where he is weak.

  6. So true Pastor. I was a pastors admin assistant for 8 years and have experienced the busy life of my pastor. My goal as his assistant was to lighten his work load. Being an assistant is important and a role that must be appreciated by Pastors.

  7. All very true… however, not every church and congregation is blessed with the resources and man/woman power to have all those different roles, and may find ourselves having to chip in however we can. It seems that churches in towns and cities just don’t appreciate that about small villages, where one pastor or vicar looking after 5 to 10 churches is the norm.

    1. I’m always blessed to hear that those in congregations share the ministry. As pastors are called to equip the saints for the work of the ministry, I have folks who are much more gifted than I am in certain areas. It is my joy to watch them serve God and His church with their gifts. My early denominational background did have 3-4 churches who shared the same pastor. I have a friend now who pastors 3. I am thankful for all who give of their time to the Lord.

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