Does God Want Me to Throw the Baby Out with the Bath Water?

I was watching a YouTube clip from a Christian apologist who said that we should not listen to or sing music in our churches from a particular worship group because of what its church teaches. I do not doctrinally align with this particular church, but I have been using their worship music for several years unless lyrics of a particular song are not doctrinally sound. God has used many people and things that were not perfect despite their imperfection. In one of my shortest posts ever, I see no reason that the Holy Spirit cannot use something that is in line with Scripture although not everything that a particular church teaches entirely aligns with your particular theological system. This church still preaches Jesus Christ as the only way to salvation, so no sense in throwing the baby out with the bath water.

21 thoughts on “Does God Want Me to Throw the Baby Out with the Bath Water?

  1. I grew up singing love songs from the 70’s and 80’s. Some of them sounded just like God singing the bible to me. Of course,when I look back on some of the lyrics, I raise an eyebrow, but at the time the Monkeys singing “I’m a believer” was totally a worship and praise song. I can still hear, “I’ll never leave you nor forsake you” in that tune.

    Myself, I tend to think worship music is a first world problem, like fights over the thermostat. We tend to forget how privileged we are, we tend to start to believe we have to control everything, so nobody ever gets the wrong message. The thing is,too much control and God Himself can’t get a word in edgewise.

  2. If you are truly worshiping God and singing from your heart and spirit and making that connection to God, it doesn’t matter who wrote the song or their intent. When you choose to sing a worship song the ownership of the song no longer matters. Worship is intimate and that worship is between you and God. Who cares who wrote the song and their intent or their belief, as long as the words are appropriate.

  3. There is scripture when Paul talks, and he shares that there are pastors preaching and praising the Lord for the wrong reasons, but at least God is still getting the glory. I think what you shared here with the music is the same. Many the individuals have the wrong intentions but God gets the glory regardless.

  4. It’s the religious spirit that keeps people stuck during worship. I agree, as long as the song is biblically sound then I will worship God through it. Everyone is just trying to be more like Jesus, no one has succeeded yet at perfection and no one can or should. It’s about relationship, that’s what God wants and we deny Him this when we judge his works through others. How can God speak to us when we use such selective hearing? Great post!

  5. A Christmas tree is a pagan symbol and so are Easter eggs, but we have redefined their meaning and purpose to stand for what we believe. Jesus said it well when He told the legalistic religious community that it wasn’t what went into our bodies that defiled us but what comes out. There are also scriptural references about how eating unclean meat couldn’t make believers unclean if they gave thanks to God for it. Whatever we consecrated to God is God’s. We answer only to Him and He sees our hearts.

  6. I, for one, am thankful God uses those of us who are not perfect 😉, and He can still get some glory from the things we do right… God knows where our heart is.

  7. Our worship leader has a similar view, but he explains it as, “We have to pay them money to use their songs, so we’re supporting them financially if we use their songs.” Seems reasonable to me, lol. But, we do use some of their old songs from the 90s that we bought the rights to before they went liberal… So we’re not super dogmatic about it.

      1. I don’t know if it is so much their sins (David repented, after all), but what they stand for. A lot of popular megachurches pretend the Bible doesn’t condemn homosexuality or abortion, that it’s OK to follow your own lifestyle, that God doesn’t care as long as you show up on Sunday. At least, that’s how they often represent themselves. There are exceptions, of course, but if it’s a matter of conscience for our church’s elders, I respect that.

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