The Power of Repetition

Repetition builds spiritual muscles. This is a great reminder from another blogger.

Her Heart Speaks

Joshua was ordered to gather the people and instructed them to “compass the city” once a day for the next six days (6:7). The priests were followed by the “covenant of the Lord” (6:8), so they were more than certain that God was supporting them and leading them. And so every day for six days they went around the city. They didn’t question why, they just done the same thing over and over again until on the last day, they went around the city seven times and on the seventh time they gave a shout and the walls came down (15-16, 20).

A lot of the time we’re told that if we try and do something one way, and it fails, then we should try another strategy in the hopes of succeeding. Reading Joshua 6 has really opened my eyes to see and understand the power of doing…

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