Tired of Being Stale

How many of you love a cold glass of stale Pepsi? I mean so stale that the fizz has been long gone. No takers? What about eating stale bread with dry meat and no mayo, mustard, or ketchup to add? Sound appealing? I didn’t think so (unless you’re an oddball…no offense to you if you are).

Just as food becomes stale, it is easy for us to become spiritually stale. The power is gone. The intimacy with God is gone. God doesn’t want us to stay there. He wants us to be renewed by and in His presence.

I will leave you with this song that has quickly become a new favorite. Let God do a new thing in you today.

3 thoughts on “Tired of Being Stale

  1. Flat Pepsi and stale bread…yes I’m an oddball haha! But I so agree with your message. We can’t be stale otherwise we’re soon going to be the fig tree that Christ wasn’t happy with.

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