The Devil Is At It Again

I was reading someone’s post today on Facebook that read something like this: I have taken this step of faith to lift my voice and start a new ministry, and the attacks from the enemy keep coming. Can you relate? I can.

In this post, I want to mention some tactics of the enemy.

  1. Distraction – The devil often sends along something that looks like a good thing, but it is not a God thing. As we are facing another move for worship, we have been presented something that could be easy to get into, but I have no confirmation yet that God is in it.
  2. Discouragement – The devil will often attack us at our weakest moments. He is good at bombarding us to see if we will renounce our faith. He will send the naysayers along to discourage us or even remove people from our life who mean something to us. Remember that God can take what the devil meant for harm and bring about something good.
  3. Temptation – This is normally the one people think of first. If the devil gets a glimpse of your weakness, he will send along the very thing that will tempt you. One of the greatest temptations I see is the devil magnifying the worst so that a person will quit before they reach a breakthrough.

As I often say (or write), you and I shouldn’t blame everything bad on the devil. If you hang out at a bar, get drunk, and wake up with someone you don’t know, don’t go blaming the devil. You set yourself up for that one. We should be wise to the devil’s schemes, but we should also keep ourselves from situations that would make our lives worse.

The devil may be at it again in your life, but remember that you and I see a God Who is greater than our enemy. He is a defeated foe, but God is victorious!

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27 thoughts on “The Devil Is At It Again

  1. Agreed! Not everything is Satan’s scheme. If we are already putting our foot in a trap, he isn’t going to bother, cause he doesn’t need to push. But when we are turned toward Christ and the ministry that’s when he preys.

  2. How many times have you heard people ask for prayer because the devil was giving them a hard time…again? You know, like this would be the hundreth time the devil had done something, putting them through “hell” yet again, and so they needed prayer. At some point one should ask, “What makes you so special that the devil would be attacking you so hard?” So often the enemy is no enemy to the daily lives of these people, all because their lives are anything but a reflection of one that is God-honoring. Why would Satan – one who is not omnipresent – spend his valuable time constantly attacking an ally?

  3. So true and so relevant! We need to be aware of the attacks against us. They aren’t always easily identified! The thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that the enemy knows the supernatural. I say that not to give him any power because he is a liar! I say it because he is aware of the call that is placed on our lives and will use what he knows to trick us. He will use things that appear to be a blessing, but they are meant for harm. We must always be aware that, not only is constantly trying to bring us down, but that we have authority over him! Love this post.

  4. There is no new ministry, it’s the same ministry then and now. It’s the lords ministry not our ministry, we need to get this one straight. And there is only one pastor His name is Yeshua the Christ. If you follow by these three principles he will help you through the present darkness. Amen

  5. I get that and that is why when we are called into His ministry we need to adhere to the principle. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Not me, Not mine.
    We don’t need another church building, with onother congregation with another set of teachings.
    We are called to be the Church because we are the tabernacle of the living God, The promises fulfilled.
    Can’t wait to see you again my brother (Kairos)

  6. The devil no longer has any power of his own(I know this first hand). Thank you Jesus
    The devil is an fallen angel in a human vessel so he can’t be everywhere at the same time. Thank you Jesus. The devil is still a wanderer he has no permanent residence.
    The devil is subtle, so when you see him he appears weak, unkempt. Don’t be fooled. The devil can only do what our father says he can do. So if the devil is enticing us with our own lustful desires it because God wants to root that evil from within you(your choice). The devil will ONLY take his own at the end, none that is the Lords can be taken. Thank you Jesus
    It is already finished, we need to awaken to this fact, get rid of the devils merchandise within us and walk it out. Thank you Jesus

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