Look Beneath the Surface

We are so quick to make hasty judgments. When someone does not smile back at us, we often think the individual has something against us. We assume because someone laughs all the time indicates that he or she is always happy. What is beneath the surface? You and I must take the time to look.

I remember a time when I was pastoring my first church, and some assumed that I should have it all together when everything was falling apart. I was blessed with some people in my life who were a blessing to me, but what if I had not?

We must look through the lens of compassion. What about your coworkers? Your teachers? Your pastor? Your parents? Your best friend? What is going on beneath the surface that you might be missing? We must take the time to look and be the encourager they need. Don’t wait until a funeral to send flowers. Pay tribute to people while they are alive, even if you don’t feel they deserve it. You just might regret it. If you take the time, you just might save their life.

8 thoughts on “Look Beneath the Surface

  1. Very well said. I completely agree, as I have regretted not praising someone for who they were and they died before I could.

    I have since learned that everyone is going through something in one shape or fashion. The ones who smile the must are usually hurting deeply and the ones who frown are fighting to hold onto hope. One simple word or phrase spoken out of love for another person can change everything.

  2. A great (and timely) reminder Matthew….Thanks also for sharing one of my favorite songs. It always reminds me that I need speak love and hope into the lives of everyone I encounter. You just never know what people are going through and the impact one positive interaction can have on them.

  3. This is one of the first songs I ever heard from Sidewalk Prophets when I found the band and it’s so powerful. Sometimes I get so caught up in what others think of me that I lose focus on trying to connect to them.

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