So What if They Don’t Believe You?

Some of us have a level of faith that makes no sense to others. We believe God for impossible things. We take giant leaps of faith that should land us flat on our face if we calculated according to man’s plan.

But what about a higher plan? What about a God Who still performs miracles? A God who still provides for people when they have lost their job and can’t secure another one? A God who heals when doctors say nothing can be done?

The Bible is full of examples of men and women who went against the grain and did what others thought was stupid. That same God is still calling followers of Christ to that same level of faith. So the next time others do not understand your faith, remember this:

13 thoughts on “So What if They Don’t Believe You?

  1. Thanks for this reminder. My friend Ruthi, has stage 4 cancer. She has faith like none other. She knows she won’t live forever, but yet giving praise to God for every day she is alive, to her, that is healing! Please keep her in prayer though, she’s in the hospital.

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