Building a Résumé or Investing Your Life?

As a pastor, I read tons of articles and materials about church. I read from those who say it should be done this way or that way. I read from guys who talk about how awesome their ministries are and how horrible they were before they became the pastor. I turn to the left and right to read or see examples of great self-promoters who are looking for the latest and greatest opportunity. They are highlighting their accomplishments with hopes of gaining the attention of a bigger ministry. If God promotes you, that is great. If you promote yourself, be careful because Scripture says that God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.

The first several years of ministry were just like this for me. I bounced from place to place. I viewed a few as stepping stones while I planned to stay at others. Most of my God-given assignments have been transitional in nature. Many would probably say about me that I was at their church during a tender time and helped see them through it. I did not understand that then, but I do now.

At age 37, I am now at the investment stage of my ministry. I did not obey the call of God to start Overcomers Church without a personal investment into the lives of these God called me to lead and love. Am I out to build a megachurch? No. Am I out to be obedient to the Lord? Yes. I am on a journey to help those who have been overcome by life to become overcomers in Christ.

Those I have been called to lead are getting ready to be in the most adventurous time in our ministry, and I can’t wait to tell them and those who read this blog about it. That post will be coming within the next few weeks.

If you are all about building a résumé and you don’t care 2 cents for others, go dig ditches or do something else. Ministry is not for those seeking glitz and glamour. If you want to take up your cross daily, follow Christ, and help others do the same, you are the kind of man or woman God seeks to use.

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3 thoughts on “Building a Résumé or Investing Your Life?

  1. Love this… that whole “take up your cross and follow” seems to get lost in the shuffle at times unfortunately. It’s always a red flag when I’m hearing more about the author/speakers personal goals than God or His word…

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