The principle of giving a tenth of one’s income is not a popular topic among many. Much argument exists over whether tithing is for New Testament Christians. I am not posting this to enter a debate over whether tithing is abolished in the New Testament. I do want to give a testimony to God honoring giving.

Our family has chosen to tithe. This is not a place to brag on us but to brag on God. Many say they cannot afford to tithe. We give 10% to the Lord’s work through the church we planted, and God so graciously allows us to keep 90%. Here’s the thing – it ALL belongs to God; we are just managing His money and possessions.

What have I seen God do as a result of our giving to the Lord? God keeps His promises to take care of us. We never go without. God makes a way in ways that shock us. He is our Provider, and He has been faithful.

It is so easy to look at our budgets and abstain from giving because we think about what we wouldn’t have if we gave. God has a way of giving back to you when you honor Him. Some people choose to withhold their money because they do not trust their church. The money that is received at Overcomers either pays for a place to worship or goes into some form of ministry. I do not get paid. We put the offerings back into meeting needs. We do not aspire to have a building so we can throw away tons of dollars on a place that only gets used one day a week. We want it to go to spreading the gospel.

If you are struggling with giving because of your financial situation, I encourage you to give. The Bible says that God Loves a cheerful giver. It is more blessed to give than to receive, so find the joy that comes from giving of your time, talent, and money to the work of God. He will multiply it beyond your wildest imagination.

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12 thoughts on “Tithing

  1. We have always tithed, even when money was very tight and always had plenty. God provides. But tithing goes beyond money. Money yes but also a tenth of our time in service, our belongings, our home in hospitality. If we really adopt this principle, it is life transforming and echoes the generosity and love of Jesus. ๐Ÿ˜„โค

  2. I can’t afford not to tithe. To be more practical, since my wife and I began tithing years ago, we have seen relatively few repairs needed on our cars, our refrigerator of almost 30 years is still fridging right along, Our house of 30 years has needed relatively few repairs… I could go on and on but God has shown Himself faithful so many times. Plus…Malachi 3:11 says that our Father will rebuke the devourer for our sake. WHAT A DEAL!

  3. For me tithing is an most but like one of the DJs I listen to on Healing Fire has said. Don’t go into debut. Give if you can.

  4. Amen, Matt. All can give, for there are many ways to do so.
    A bit of comic relief on tithing.
    Flip Wilson an old comedian hosted a comic hour back in the 70’s I believe. He often played a preacher. One skit he was trying to inspire his congregation to give more to the church. So in his best to wipe up excitement he told them: “A church has to crawl before it can walk!” The crowd responds, Yes crawl, Reve

  5. Matt, I hit the wrong button:
    I now continue, The preacher then says: Then the church has to walk, the crowd yells, make it walk, Rev!” Last, the Preacher says: “Then it will run!!!!!” The crowd wildly yells; Yeh, rev. make it run!!! The preacher then makes his pitch. To make it run I need you all to double your weekly contributions. To that the congregations shouts: “LET IT CRAWL, REV!!!!!!”

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