Voting for Change

Yesterday was a big Election Day for two entities: the state of South Carolina and the Southern Baptist Convention. In South Carolina, voters made a statement. It was not a very loud one, but it is one that is resonating across the nation – there is still a good number within the population that wants an outsider in office. I am, in no way, stating that I fully support everything that is taking place in America. I do know that many are tired of the political machine and just want some down-to-Earth common sense. I’m not saying that those who are coming on the scene fully bring that to the table, but people want it.

I want to turn the bulk of this post toward what is happening in the Southern Baptist Convention. For several years, I was on staff in some of these churches. Although I align with the fundamentals of the faith, I have never been a fan of the politics and how many of the churches operate. There are some great SBC churches in existence, but a change in the type of leadership has been long overdue for decades.

Yesterday, the SBC elected JD Greear as its president. He is the Lead Pastor of The Summit Church in Durham, NC. I have visited the church on a few occasions, and JD prayed with me when I was going through the darkest time of my life. He has led by example in church revitalization, church planting, and fulfilling the Great Commission at home and abroad. The SBC has needed a president who has been more about Jesus than the denomination for a very long time. I’m glad that the day has come for them, and I pray that this will begin to change the spiritual temperature of the SBC. I may no longer be affiliated with the denomination, but I love to see when churches, pastors, and denominations make advances in fulfilling what Jesus told us to do.

If you look, you will see glimmers of hope here and there. People still exist who have the best interest of something other than self at heart. Be encouraged! If you don’t see the difference, then be the difference!

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