What is the Difference Between Faith and Trust?

This illustration of biblical truth was too great. I had to share it. Thanks to Timothy Holman from “Beard with a Blog”.

beard with a blog

What is the difference between faith and trust?

Seriously, can you give a legitimate answer? Anytime I’ve been asked this, or have been asked this by others, the answer is basically the same for each.

Over a year ago I was in a counseling session where the counselor asked what I thought was the difference is between faith and trust. I gave the answer that would be common for most people, with little variance in between the two. He went on to explain that faith is the long distance hope, while trust is the short run of belief in God. This helped a lot at the time, but has been something I’ve been chewing on since then.

It came to me a couple days ago while mowing the grass. Speaking in monetary terms to illustrate; Faith is the fortune and trust is an individual transaction from that account.

You may…

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