One Phone Call

I know we are in the day of texting and messaging, but I can tell you there is power in a phone call. The ones to which I will refer happened in a very sensitive and low point of my life.

The first one happened in December 2013. I was sitting in a lonely parsonage with no family and no job. It was Christmas time, and I felt totally forsaken. With tears rolling down my face, I asked God to have someone call me. Within 10 seconds, my phone rang. It was 2 friends who called to cheer me up. God showed me something that night. We laughed, and I almost forgot that my life felt pretty crummy at the moment.

A few days later, I was looking for ministry positions back in this area. I found one that was part time, so I called the chairman of the committee and explained to him that I was going through a separation and divorce. He was certain that his dad who was the pastor would not have an issue with that but encouraged me to call his dad. So I called the pastor and explained the same thing to him. He told me that the gifts and calling of God are without repentance, and I was no less called now than I was before. He encouraged me to send the résumé, so I did. The church called me within 2 months.

The third call came in February 2014 from a man named Charlie. I was his pastor. The phone rang on a Sunday night. When I saw his number, I didn’t hesitate to answer because I knew there would be a safe person on the other end. I said, “Hello!” He said, “Hey there, preacher!” At that time, I had vowed I would not even preach a sermon again. Preaching was associated with all the pain of the preceding months. Charlie encouraged me to preach again. He reminded me that my calling had not changed and that evidence of that calling was present. I hung up very encouraged but still hesitant to preach.

In May 2014, I was leading worship for the small church previously mentioned. The pastor called me on a Thursday and asked if I would fill in for him because his grandson was graduating from preschool on Sunday night at a church preschool. I reluctantly said yes. I sat to lead the study that night, but God confirmed to me that I was not finished. The pastor went on to provide other preaching opportunities including his 15 year anniversary at the church. I was so honored.

Never underestimate the power of one phone call. It may be a life-changer for someone who needs a little bit of hope.

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11 thoughts on “One Phone Call

  1. Encouragement when we are down is welcome either on the phone or in person. The enemy of our souls wants to make us think that one failure disqualifies us for anything. God, however, has always used the broken and the unlikely for his purposes. It is his grace that keeps us each day. So good to know God’s gifts are not revokable and that you bless so many with your blog.

  2. This is wonderful. God is so amazing that He blesses you with people that walk into your life at the right time. God knows how to encourage His people. Stay blessed Pastor! – Sherline 🙂

  3. Yes, He is wonderful. Even when we are down to a point with no request to God, He would knock on our door, and says, “Hello, I’m still here. May I come in?” I remember a saying, “It takes two to make a marriage, but takes one to have a divorce.” For whatever reason, that one decides to have a divorce, doesn’t make the other partner a guilty one – in many cases.
    May God continue to bless you and bless your people through you. 🙂

  4. Amen! Some powerful phone calls!!! I’m going to add this post to the community spotlight on Inside Cup. I hope it speaks to others as much as it has spoken to me.

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