Ready for a New Season

I did not think about today being September 1 until I saw an Instagram post. Then I began to think about how Fall is just around the corner. It is one of my two favorite seasons. I must admit that I like it more than Spring, but Spring is a close second. I am so ready for all things pumpkin, the leaves changing, and many of the things that are part of the season.

For me, this Summer has been a roller coaster of emotions. There was joy in having my 3 oldest kids for most of the Summer. There was the Summer slump that pastors go through when most of the church decides to vacate town simultaneously. There are also other factors in life that I will not share publicly that leave me longing for a new season.

Last night, I was able to enjoy some quiet time. Most of my “quiet time” is spent driving for work or stealing a minute with worries that a child will wake up or something will interrupt it. God so graciously allowed me this time to pray, let out some emotion that had been restrained, and actually enjoy a movie and a tv program on Netflix. The movie and program were more of a selfish pleasure, but the prayer time was long overdue. I’m not saying that I don’t pray, but I was able to lay out some things to God that were totally transparent with no distractions.

With all the challenges of Summer, I have no doubt God is preparing me for a new season. As much as I would like the timing to align with the beginning of Fall, it will most likely not. But I don’t know that for sure. One thing I know is that God ordains seasons to accomplish purposes. When that purpose has been fulfilled or the lessons has been learned, only then will God usher you into that next season.

Don’t rush your existing season! You may very well prolong it. Learn the lessons. Find the bright spots. Gain all you can. When you do that, you will only find yourself more prepared for what is ahead.

I will leave you with this song I heard on the radio last weekend. I pray it will bring you hope and vision.

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