Praising God in the Mundane

I am a people watcher. Let me clarify that I am not a stalker 👀. It would be better to say that I observe people. As I notice the behaviors of people, I am noticing a disturbing commonality – so many people are satisfied with a lack of excellence. They have no desire to better themselves.

I remember a day when excellence was something that was engrained in me and those around me. Family cheered me on to be my best. People at church cheered me on to be my best. The generation that encouraged that has gone to the grave, and somehow the generation that followed is happy to just wake up another day. They don’t strive for a better family atmosphere, better community, or a better anything.

I look at myself and see that I, in some areas, given in to this “mediocrity is enough” mentality. For me, I believe that I allowed many of life’s setbacks to discourage me to this point. If I were a betting man, I would wager some big money that I am among many who once had big dreams and now feel they are unattainable. Some of us even feel like the little dreams have a zero percent chance of happening. We now refuse to set goals to protect ourselves from further disappointment. I think many people are at this level.

What happened to our fight? Our determination? Sometimes we must travel through the mundane on the path to better. You may feel that rut will last forever, but it is a test to see if God can trust you with what is ahead. If He can’t trust you in the little things, He will not promote you to bigger things.

So what do we do when life seems to be boring and mundane? When every day looks like the day before? Same problems? Same routine? We worship…while we work, while we play, while we fulfill household responsibilities. We do it “as unto the Lord” (Colossians 3:23). When your boss can never say a positive thing about your work, look up and say “Lord, this is for you not him.” When your spouse is overwhelmed and taking it out on you, say “Lord, I will love her as Christ loves the Church.”

So before you just decide to throw in the towel, fix your focus on Jesus. He could have easily walked away and chose to leave us in our sin, but He pushed forward to the cross because He knew that was God’s way of reconciling us to Himself.

I believe I am “speaking” (in written form) and connecting with a lot of people right now. Keep praising! Keep showing up! Keep loving! Keep choosing integrity while everyone else is lying and cheating! The payoff is worth it!

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16 thoughts on “Praising God in the Mundane

  1. Amen! I love this! And needed it.
    Like John Eldredge’s book, the journey of desire, there is a short story, that talks of a sea lion settling for a little puddle of water in the desert when he was made for the ocean! It’s a wonderful story, if you haven’t read it. The journey of desire book is all about this subject of not losing heart and not losing desire.
    Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. I wrote the following in one of my first CLEvangelism posts:

    “Like King, I know some readers are rolling their eyes and snarking at me for nitpicking. Then again, America has long embraced mediocrity over beauty and craftsmanship. If you can’t sing, we’ll autotune you. If you can’t act, we’ll give you a reality show. If you post articles on NBC, CNN, or any other news station’s website or Facebook page without proofreading them, we’ll overlook your mistakes and flame anyone who points them out. But Bishop T.D. Jakes has said, ‘Good leaders are great leaders because they pay attention to small details. They care about little things. That’s what separates good from great is little things.’ And adverbs are one of those little things that editors get paid to catch.”

    That was back in 2015. Today, I’m pretty angry at God. I’m going to write about that anger in upcoming posts, but I’ll give you a glimpse: I went to college at age 28, double majored, and graduated summa cum laude. The director of creative writing wrote a letter of recommendation (that I shared a few posts ago) that said I easily counted among the five or six most naturally talented writers he’d met in 20 years of teaching. He also encouraged people to hire me because I’m a nitpicky, eagle-eyed editor. (He graduated from Princeton, so all of this was high praise.) That being said, I graduated in 2009, as media transitioned from print to internet, so finding a magazine-editing position became harder than it may have been prior to that.
    I became an SEO writer and developed a God-given gift for getting everything I write to the first page of Google.
    Noooobodyyyy caaaares. I have all of these amazing skills, but I constantly get passed over for people who make typos and grammar/punctuation mistakes — or just cannot write.
    Speaking for a lot of people: Why bother being excellent or taking pride in your work when we live in a world that flames people for pointing out editors’ (i.e., people who get paid to catch mistakes) mistakes? Why bother being excellent when we live in a world that places more importance on being cheap and quick like fast food?

    1. It is unfair. I honestly cannot understand why I have two masters degrees, but few see any value in my ability because of my background primarily in church work. They do not see that my skill set is transferable. It is sad that I see this more frequently than I see excellence being promoted.

  3. Reminds me of the “you are enough” trend right now, which some Christian bloggers have already addressed. Yes, God loves you even as you are, but you are not enough! I am not enough! Only by the grace of salvation through Jesus are we enough.

  4. I know what you mean😒😔 People now days would rather want mediocrity than something worth fighting for. The thing is…anything or anyone you want is going to be worth fighting for (for the most part). But I feel that I see people having this need of not doing so, yet feel so inclined they should have. You have any idea how hard it is to feel you don’t fit into today’s society, but yet know you don’t want to fall into that…mess? It’s very infuriating 😒😔

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