Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary!

Today marks 3 years my wife and I have been married. God sent her into my life when I least expected, and you can only imagine the challenges and joys that could all take place in that short amount of time.

When I met Jennifer, we both had been recently divorced. We were at the stage in life where we knew what we wanted and were stubborn enough to refrain from settling for less. I had 3 children, and she had 2. That’s 5 total! Sounds like a good-sized family, right? Wait! It gets bigger!

We married within less than 3 months of meeting. God made it clear, so we jumped right in. Since September 11, 2015, we have had 2 babies of our own, started a church, moved, and experienced the challenges of life and parenting that most in our life stage face.

It was definitely different finding love at age 34. I knew it would be risky. I was sure my call to ministry would run Jennifer away, but she has been right here with me through it all.

To my divorced audience, I can assure you that there is life after divorce. Does it radically change in a lot of ways? Absolutely! Some of you may have been totally blown away by your situation and wonder if love will ever come your way. There is a healing that eventually comes after the pain. It may not come in your time, but God will use your story to help someone else.

To my wife, Jennifer, thank you for your love, support, and grace for these last 3 years. I’m thankful to share the journey with you.

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