I Can’t Believe I Have 1,000 Friends😮

I just noticed last night that I have exactly 1,000 friends on Facebook. How did I get SO MANY FRIENDS? Seriously, it cracks me up at how many really make any connection during the course of a year. On my last birthday, I heard from less than 200 of those. I was grateful that I heard from that many. The real test is how many will reach out to you in times of crisis.

I want to challenge each of you to look for true friends. I’m not talking about people who tell you what you want to hear or those toxic people who will drain you. I speak of those who will stick with you through good and bad. No matter what, you know you can call them at any time with full assurance that they like and even love you.

I remember someone telling me many years ago that you will be blessed to count the number of your true friends on one hand. I know who my true friends are, and the number does not reach 1,000. As I look at the big picture, I see many on this “friends” list whom God placed there by divine appointment. Don’t underestimate how God may choose to use you. You may be used of God through your Facebook posts in greater ways than you know.

People are watching you. Rather than accuse them of being nosy, let them see Jesus in you. If you find yourself being the only one giving in this case, remember that the Lord will give back into your life. No investment in people is ever wasted.

8 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe I Have 1,000 Friends😮

  1. I think a lot about the circles of intimacy that Jesus had. Facebook is a crowd across the mountain side for sure. Thankful that he modeled a few close friends on the other side of the spectrum, and widening ripples in between.

  2. it’s so true about being blessed to even count how many friends you have on one hand….wow. If it’s any consolation Pastor, Jesus had to deal with 12 of his friends and not all of them were on his side (Think of Judas). Some of the 12 were also quite triflin’ but Jesus loved them all. Amazing isn’t it?

    I also think that apart from having “real” friends in this lifetime, I think God also has the same dilemma that we have in that He probably wonders how many of us can be called a “friend of God, hmmmm…..”?

    If God had to count how many of us were His “TRUE” friends, how many would He count on His heavenly fingers? I pray that as Christ-believers and followers, we all aspire to be a “friend of God” since we are all His Sons and Daughters. May God help us to be genuine in our relationship that we have with Him, Amen. What a great post today.

    God Bless 🙂

  3. I used to write a travel blog, so I allowed people to follow public posts on Facebook. After my ex-boyfriend’s nearly 30-year-old daughter followed me with a fake profile, set up a Kickstarter account, traveled to all the places I had ever liked, commented on, or shared, and then moved to Hawaii, knowing I had wanted to move there since my trip to Oahu in 2009, I closed my timeline to the public and unfriended anyone I didn’t know. These days, I have about 50 “friends” on fb. Y’know how many helped when I became homeless in July? Three. My film professor, who’s the nicest guy on the planet to everyone and donated money to my GoFundMe page, a former classmate who moved across the country years ago but has always supported my writing, and a woman I met at a law firm I worked for in 2005, when I took Christmas photos of her and her German shepherds because I had a pet photography business. Three people. That’s it. Two months later, not one person, including the first two people I mentioned, has inquired how my cats and I are doing or where we’re staying. As they say, when times get tough, you really find out who your friends are.

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