Unexpected Endings

I just finished watching a movie that was written by someone who is known for story lines that are pretty pointless. I decided I would hang on for some laughs with no expectation of a moral to the story. Oh, was I surprised!

The movie was about a wedding. The first hour and a half was nothing but far-fetched comedy. The wedding was an epic fail until the fathers of the bride and groom got into a conversation before everything went awry. The father of the groom was a man who had money but played the field and had no respect from his family. The father of the bride was a bit of a nerd who was determined to pay for his daughter’s wedding, even if it meant giving her the cheapest and cheesiest wedding possible.

When the reception required evacuation from the building, the father of the bride apologized for not allowing the groom’s father to pay. The father and daughter cried, and there was an emotional conversation between them. All ended well. I was reminded that life is not without its challenges. Each family had its dysfunction, but one clearly had love.

Then I began to think about when my daughters get married. The bride’s father in the movie thought the wedding was his last shot before their relationship was over. He realized it was only the beginning of a new chapter.

Maybe you are reading this and feel like you have blown it. You are in transition, and you don’t know what to do. This is the beginning of something new. The change will not be easy, but I want to encourage you to slow down and enjoy the new season. God will teach you lessons and bring people into your life, some who will test it and some who will bless it.

Seasons (and movies) do not always end the way we expect. The movies (and seasons) often leave you wanting a refund. I do my best to remember that what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, with or without the refund.

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