I Think I Understand Moses a Little Better

Don’t you just love how some preachers will get up and preach against various characters and their downfalls? I can’t tell you how many times I have heard messages against Thomas for his doubt, Peter for his denial of Christ and the many times he “put his foot in his mouth”, Abraham for not waiting for God to give him Isaac, and the list goes on.

One character who has been landblasted by the pulpit-pounders is Moses. They are quick to criticize Moses for his quick temper. But think with me for a moment. God chose Moses. God knew Moses would be this way. God knew why Moses would break the tablet upon which the Ten Commandments were chiseled. How would you react to decades of whiny, ungrateful people? (And don’t you tell me you would love them just like Jesus would love them and never get upset with their foolish actions!)

With some circumstances in my life right now, I can understand why Moses would get angry. Sometimes, enough is enough! I am not justifying his behavior, but I can understand it. Many of us get to that place where we are just fed up. One more person comes to voice a complaint, and they might get the “what-for”. I know you’ve been there.

Sometimes, we just need to unplug. We need rest. We need prayer. We need people to speak life into us. We need a renewed focus. We just need God to show up in our wilderness.

Please allow me to leave you with this song and remind you (and myself) that God does work in our wilderness.

14 thoughts on “I Think I Understand Moses a Little Better

  1. Beautiful post. And great point about Moses, who hasn’t dealt with ungrateful people. And imagine being trapped in the wilderness with them? I love the Elevation Worship song at the end.

    1. We’ve all been there, and sometimes we don’t handle it the best way. I don’t envy Moses. I was there when Elevation recorded that song. They used to record at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, NC until they built their current campus where they now record their songs live in worship services. Good stuff!

  2. Ah, the many greater lesson we miss from this adventures of men and women in the Bible when we focus on their flaws…..rather than the God who uses those flaws in rather amazing ways! Oh, and Thomas the Doubter? He was the one who said, “Let us go with him to Jerusalem that we may die with him.” Are those the words of a doubter? I see Thomas as one who says, “OK, you had your experience with the Risen Lord, but I want MY own experience with Him!” It’s those blessed ancient editors who give us words to describe these people….well, there you got me started again! The Holy Spirit is guiding you in this “quiet” season….grow in faith because something great is ahead for you!

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