I had the joy of worshiping today with my wife’s sister and her husband. It was not as boisterous as our home church, but the slower pace was actually refreshing. Our church has a traditional service, but we choose to attend the contemporary service which is not as formal. Today, we had a mix of the formality, solidly theological music, and a message from the pastor that was very true to the text of Scripture.

Later in the afternoon, my brother in law invited me to attend the church’s vision dinner. The pastor spoke for about 30 minutes concerning the area’s demographic, where the church is now, and where it is headed. The refreshing part about it was that the pastor didn’t get up an announcement new programs, revamped programs, or programs that would no longer be utilized. He focused on prayer, a gospel focus, and suggestions on how the church can BE THE CHURCH in the community. This church has a program for everything and is well-equipped with people to do it. They understand that programs are not the answer. It takes people who are aggressive enough to live out their faith naturally in daily life.

If you are at the helm casting vision, don’t get caught up in the peripherals. Make the vision measurable. What is it? Why are we doing it? How do we get there? Is there anything distracting us from it? Then lock your eyes on it and do it.

2 thoughts on “Vision-Casting

  1. My home church this past weekend had bean soup, cornbread and venison. A lot of fellowship. I was speaking to a woman I know from the church and told her if I was home I would be there 🙂 it’s nice to have fellowship.

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