Fascinating People

Today, I had the blessing of visiting with a family that was absolutely fascinating. As you read this, you may be expecting that I sat in the home of the rich and famous. Outside our area, they are most likely little known. As I sat with them and talked, here is what I found fascinating:

  • Their heritage – They had traced their family tree back to John Newton (writer of “Amazing Grace”) and Sir Isaac Newton. To some, those may be nerdy facts. To me, I loved learning about them.
  • Their unity – This family loves each other. I do not always visit families who are this close to each other.
  • Their history – The patriarch of the family told of his encounters in Germany in World War II. I loved hearing his perspective.
  • Their faith – Everyone in the room possessed great faith. Their love for Christ was evident, and their concern for others’ spiritual condition was also very clear.
  • Their hospitality – I had only met some of the family last week. I met more today, and I felt right at home.

Today, they face great difficulty yet they face it with great grace. If you look around, you will not have to look far to find precious people who bless your life without even realizing it. Find them. Connect with them. Bless them. Learn from them. You’ll be glad you did.

3 thoughts on “Fascinating People

  1. I have mentioned it in my writing, but I feel God tugging me in that direction. A saving knowledge of Jesus Christ means a personal relation with Him. And rather than give a homeless man a few dollars, we need to get to know our ‘neighbors’. We seem to have lost our ability to make friends. Sometimes the most unimportant person in the room has the best stories to tell.

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