What sicko pastor would write about cannibalism? I know that’s what you’re thinking. People eating people. That’s sickening! It may be sickening, but there are more cannibals in the world than you think (no, I do not think that the group “Fine Young Cannibals” were actually cannibals). These cannibals lurk in churches, ready to eat pastors alive at every corner. I heard a pastor several years ago refer to those who didn’t like him having “roast preacher” for lunch. This is a sad reality.

As this month has been set aside for Pastor Appreciation, please let your pastor know that he is appreciated. Don’t just do so in October. Many carry pain and loneliness, and your encouragement may be the one thing they need to feel like their contribution is worthwhile.

To all the men and women of God out there, this pastor thanks you. I understand the difficulties you face. What you do is not in vain. Press on, brothers and sisters! The only opinion of your service that will matter in the end is the opinion of Jesus. Make Him proud!

9 thoughts on “Cannibalism

  1. What? They roasted you when you weren’t there??? That’s not a roast. That’s gossip. How sad. I’m sorry that happened to you. I like your attitude. I’d probably be hurling swear words lol.

  2. The ministry pedestal is a tough place. I hear you. Sad that the unity of the church body and the Matthew 18 model of conflict resolution weren’t followed. Blessings on your transition and your healing, Matthew. We sheep are pretty messed up. Thank you for trying to invest in the flock.

  3. Sometimes God cuts us out of weeds. No offense to any fellow believers, but we easily can become a weed. God will root us where He wants us planted, and He will uproot us when it is not a place He can help us grow.

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