If Church Is For God, Then Why Are You Looking For Your Wants and Needs to be Met?

Yesterday, I shared a message I watched about why the church exists. The preacher’s conclusion was that the church exists for God. If that is true, then why do people go looking for the church to meet their wants and needs? If worship and exaltation of the Lord Jesus Christ is the objective, then why is it that people judge the church based on first impressions, sermon quality, pastor personality, children/youth ministries, college ministries, senior adult ministries, music style, etc.? I’ll leave this one right here.

7 thoughts on “If Church Is For God, Then Why Are You Looking For Your Wants and Needs to be Met?

  1. God first, others next, yourself last. If we followed that rule, I think our churches would be both fuller and more productive.

    We’d also have far fewer “power and promises” churches out there trying to fill pews by catering to those self-focused people. I don’t begrudge folks looking for hope and rescue from God for their lives and situations, and there’s a place for that in the kingdom. But there’s got to be a balance.

  2. Sadly, in the Western world especially, church is often about social status rather than worship.

    It’s a bit of a paradox, because worship really will bring rest to your soul, teach you how to get some of your needs and wants met, but you have to place the Lord in charge. Exalt Him, and He will lift you up, too. It’s very easy however to get tangled up in “I” an “you,” as if we have to do the work ourselves, supply our own needs.

  3. Reminds me of the song “Here I Am to Worship.” Maybe we shouldn’t ask what a church can do for us, but rather, what can we do for the church aka for God’s kingdom.

  4. Good questions mate, thanks for sharing.

    I reckon it may have something to do with people referring to the church as some separate thing from themselves when it isn’t, we are the church, the body of Christ. If Christians actually believed that and lived that out..wow things would look and sound different I think.

    We all need each other

  5. So true!! So many of us come to church expecting to receive and I do believe God meets us at church. But the main purpose of church is to advance the kingdom and be a place where we can come together and worship him! Church cannot be our only spiritual food for the week.

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