Name Change

Some of you may notice that I am no longer “The Comeback Pastor”. In this season, God is calling me to a title that better reflects my blog: “Honest Thoughts from a Pastor”. In my About section, you will see where I go into the explanation of this.

Pastors are often not aloud to be transparent. After going through counseling after my marital separation, the counselor pressed for authenticity. I had begun my journey prior to that, but he helped take it the next mile. I don’t get it right all the time, but I am honest at times when some would say it is inappropriate because “that’s not good southern manners”. God didn’t call me to be southern. That’s where I was born and raised. He called me to follow the example of Christ who was full of grace and truth.

I realize that sometimes my posts overlap in thought. I repeat things because maybe someone didn’t read one post where they may read another. My messages may not be expository in nature, or I may not go into as much detail here as I would on a Sunday because I want people to leave with the basic thought rather than a whole bunch of thoughts they can’t handle. I’m a “cookies on the bottom shelf” kind of guy. And I will not apologize for who God made me!

So…expect to continue receiving some honest thoughts from this pastor who awaits his next assignment.

9 thoughts on “Name Change

  1. Congratulations on the name change. I was smiling here, good thing you’re not a politician, because “honest thoughts from a politician” just wouldn’t work. Nobody would ever believe that. 🙂

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