Death – A Uniting Factor?

A very tragic death occurred in our area on Wednesday. I knew the young man and worked closely with many members of the family in the church. I observed something as word got out – Death, in this case, was a unifying factor. Allow me to explain.

Many who attended this church have left in the last few years, but the bond they had to this young man was repeated numerous times in Facebook posts. Although these believers are now in various locations of worship, the “tie that binds” is still very present especially when one hurts.

Today, many are grieving with this family. I asked the question, “How would I feel if this happened to my son?” I began to do what Scripture says and weep with those who weep.

There is something about death that can unite people. Our attention was captured when this happened to a 19-year old who had a whole life ahead of him. I’m sure that many of his peers are facing the brevity of life sooner than they would like while mourning the absence of someone with whom they grew up.

Death can also divide. I have seen the ugly side come out of people when a loved one dies. People fight over money and property while throwing human decency out the window.

A family I know is mourning today while many are surrounding them with love and prayers. Don’t wait until someone’s death to unite. Do so while you still have time. We never know when our last chance to show love will be.

7 thoughts on “Death – A Uniting Factor?

      1. I still talk to my one sister. It’s awkward at Christmas. We used to have big family get togethers and now it’s just her and I and our families. Less stress though!

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