An Unusual Worship Service

Let’s face it! If you have attended church on special occasions, sporadically, or faithfully, you have encountered unusual worship services. Maybe the pastor’s dentures fell out, a lady came back in from the restroom with her dress tucked in her hose, or someone requested prayer for a character from their favorite soap opera (all of which have happened to friends of mine). I’m not talking about that kind of unusual. Or the kind when you’re the guest preacher and you get interrupted by a guy yelling and then turning off the power to the building (which happened to me). There is a type of unusual that is uncharacteristic of the average Sunday. That is what we experienced today.

Our pastor was away, so the dean of religion from a local Christian university spoke on Zacchaeus. The focus of the message was how Jesus ministers to the marginalized. As the guest was preaching, a man walked into the room. He was elderly, feeble, and trembling. An usher followed him to make sure he was okay. He insisted to go on stage and talk to the guest preacher. The guest preacher weaved this conversation seamlessly into the message. The usher assisted the man to the front row where one of our young adults sat next to him.

The way this guest preacher handled this situation was a divine illustration to the main idea of the message. Man could not have orchestrated this. God has a beautiful way of visiting with His people.

As I have entered this season of rest, I am glad to have returned to worship at this wonderful place. A few things have changed since we were gone for the 20 months with the church plant. One thing that has not changed is how God’s Spirit has liberty to move among this body of believers.

The next time you attend a worship service, I hope it’s unusual. You won’t want anything different.

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