Who Can Make a Difference?

Tonight, I watched the documentary about Fred Rogers. Many of you may be reading this and thinking that he was inspirational, corny, weird, creative, or some other adjective. After I had the chance to hear those who were closest to him testify to the man they knew, my appreciation for this man went to a different level.

In a day when we are told that cocky, bold, gregarious people are the ones who are given attention, Fred Rogers was a man with an unassuming presence. His personality was not boisterous. He was not the guy you would ask to be your party planner or your comedian of the night. The documentary emphasized the childlike spirit of Fred Rogers. Didn’t Jesus ask that we come to Him like little children?

Fred Rogers’ calm spirit allowed him to impact people without the hype and sensationalism that the generation demands. As he was drawing near the end of his life, he was beginning to view himself as obsolete. Was he really obsolete, or has this generation become so shallow that they do not see the value of every person?

I’m afraid the answer is the latter. People with handicaps are mocked. People who look or act differently are now the recipients of hatred (which is nothing new but has taken on different forms). The person who is deformed at birth still bears God’s image. The person with mental illness is not a second class citizen.

So, who can make a difference? Who can God use? God can use whomever He chooses, but I Corinthians 1 states that He chooses “not many might and not many noble…the weak things of the world.” You may have been told all your life that you will amount to nothing. I have a word for you – You were created with a God-given purpose; it is up to you to use it. Will you seek it and do it?

5 thoughts on “Who Can Make a Difference?

  1. My husband and I watched the documentary as well, and I walked away with similar thoughts as you. It challenged me to think beyond myself and trust that I don’t have to take on more outgoing traits in order to show others His love. Thought-provoking post! Thanks!

  2. I want to see the documentary. We always watched Mr. Rogers with our son, who is now 35 years old, when he was a young boy. We will be watching the reruns with our grandson, too.

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