What Should a Church Value?

I want to say from the onset of this post that I would like to hear from you about what a church should value. Now to the post😀.

People have varying opinions about Rick Warren. I’m not here to discuss if you like him, but I do believe that the principles he shared helped churches focus on their purpose. Those 5 purposes were worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism. These are clearly laid out in the book of Acts.

When I was pastoring the church plant, my greater areas of giftedness and passion were worship, fellowship, and discipleship. It was not that I did not care about ministry and evangelism, but those are not my stronger areas. I had people within the church plant that were stronger in those areas. I expressed to them that I wanted them to take the ball and run with it because I lacked in those areas.

My question is, “What should a church value?” I believe it should be all five. I know that some within the church plant would have been thrilled if we would have eliminated the worship and preaching and just focused on outreach. I propose that no one is going to be red hot about people coming to Christ if they do not love Jesus and desire to worship Him in some kind of passionate way. They are not fulfilling the great commission if they are not discipling them. People can agree or disagree with me on this, but everything flows from worship. When Jesus was asked what was the greatest commandment, why did He say it is two-fold? Love God and love people…in that priority.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Better yet, I would like to hear some biblical thoughts. The discussion is open.

12 thoughts on “What Should a Church Value?

  1. A church should value the Bible, edifying/praising Jesus, corporate worship, prayer and fasting, communion, outreach, and serving the poor, orphans and widows. That is it. The rest is distraction. ❤

  2. I agree with you Pas, we should also value our time with God, you know reading His word and getting to know Him better away from the gathering of the saints. I learnt from one of my Pastor’s who is new to our church family, that worship means placing worth on something. Simply placing our worth on God. So worshipping God is valuable. I hope I was able to explain that tolerably.

  3. I think all those things are important, worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism, but by far the most important thing is simply relationships. People are resources, connections, sponsors, mentors. When the Apostle Paul is forming the early church,he is meeting in people’s homes, teaching in the market place, building relationships and connections,loyalties. Getting sponsors, people who will challenge you, encourage you, cheer you on.

    Today our society is getting more disconnected and separated from one another and so those relationships are falling to the wayside. That’s a real problem were I live and it’s destroying many of our churches.

  4. We are doing a series at church about the churches in Revelation and how they went off their mission… super interesting because there is so much we can learn from them. They were going through the motions but we’re dead inside. They had the numbers, but weren’t discipling anyone. I think when it comes down to it, the good news of the gospel comes first and when we share that… all the other doors open. People don’t need side shows, they need the truth that changes everything. We’ve convinced ourselves the gospel isn’t enough, but I think it must be the starting point, not just an add-on.

  5. “They are not fulfilling the great commission if they are not discipling them.” I think that if we value discipling we will value the rest because discipling leads to a desire to please God which expands the things we obediently do to the 4 remaining “values” – maybe we try to do it all instead of leading people closer to God which makes them desire to do it all for him – I think the 5 values are a check list and if you can’t check off one then focus more on discipling people in this area – great post to get people thinking and doing

  6. Here in Cape Town, garage and small churches are popping up everywhere. In our main road, there are 8 churches. I visited all in search of finding a church to join. Their values were different. Some were solely trying to attract people to join. Eventually, I decided to visit a church which main purpose is outreach and community projects. It is something new for me, but very exciting since I am going to study counselling next year. So far the outreach based church is what I prefer. I do not mind a well-balanced church, but please do not ignore the community.

  7. My friendand and just finished the Purpose Driven Life together. I understand the differing opinions on him but I do appreciate the lessons soaked in scripture. I’ve read the book before but she hadn’t because of reviews. And the reviews struggled being told to surrender all to Christ and be a servant. This is Biblical.

      1. It definitely is not deep. But I think for people who need a guide or help to dig deeper into their relationship with God and how to do it, it is very helpful. I know there were reminders I needed for sure. 🙂 sometimes the surface stuff helps with things we need to be reminded of. But absolutely, we should always work towards the meat not just the milk.

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