Are You God-Fearing?

I was having a Facebook dialogue with a coworker about a lady. This coworker referred to her as a “God-fearing woman”. In the three years I knew her, I would say that is an accurate assessment. It was not that she had a “holier than thou” attitude or that she bragged about the things she did for God. She simply bragged on Jesus and radiated His love.

As I contemplate this phrase “God-fearing”, one thought comes to mind – If you truly fear (reverence) God, you don’t have to brag about how “God-fearing” you are because your actions will reflect that. After observing many who brag about how much they fear God, I have learned that I would not walk two steps to hear them preach or lead in silent prayer. They possess a major dose of pride rather than reverence for God. Any of us could easily become proud. I’ve been there and can testify to how God put me in my place (and continues to do so when necessary).

In order to fear God, you must know Him and walk with Him. The more you do, the sweeter He will become to you. When the fiery trials of life come your way, you will see Him in a greater light if you choose to let the difficulty draw you closer rather than push you away. The devil hates when people have intimacy with God. That’s why so many profess to know God but consider Him an afterthought or a tradition. May you and I be among those who shine the light of Jesus so that no one will have to question if we really fear (reverence) God.

3 thoughts on “Are You God-Fearing?

  1. I happened by, and read your piece. I totally agree, and I believe those who know the Lord will want to study the Word. They may have to make time, but study, and prayer are vital to growth. I have learned the hard way, that daily reading and praying is a must. I try, to follow this even in retirement. I have all the time I want, but it is a discipline still, to sit down, open the Word, and read it for as long as it takes to get something from the passage. I am reading through the Bible backwards, from Revelation to Genesis. Presently I am in 1 Samuel, because I didn’t want to read 2 Samuel first. Smile. I believe you have to have a plan. A paper that I mark off is helpful for keeping up with the reading. This is not rushed reading. I read for as long as I can, and since I am retired, it can be longer, or short. The peace of God is remarkable, and His love is everlasting. What we do isn’t mandatory, but it is better to be consistent. I have rambled enough. I hope you know that I read because without reading I am a bear to get along with. I want God to settle me on the inside, and give me His peace to share. I do.

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